Sketchbook page: woman in robe, architectural fragment

Sketches and doodles from this and last month. Very pleased with the woman in robe drawing. I thought I’d struggle with adding focus and detail to an otherwise simple composition, but I’m happy to report that my pencil style is refining! In the end I went in with an eraser to add highlights to ‘lift’ the drawing. This ended up being one of my favourite pencil drawings: detailed without being painstakingly so; sketchy without wanting definition. The lines have character when needed, and softness when required.

The architectural fragment was drawn from some photos I took at the Sir John Soane museum in London. This was just a hasty morning ‘warm-up’ sketch. It ended up being the only piece I did that day since I got side-tracked reading Jackson Arn articles on Artsy.

The yellow line abstraction on the right of the page was me trying to communicate the depth of an empty Quavers crisp packet without resorting to either realism or cubism. It’s definitely… different from my other work. I think novelty might be its primary virtue.

Towards the foot of the page beneath ‘11.10.20’ I wrote some creative prompts for myself…

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