Some acrylic painting…

Acrylic paint on paper.

Two recent acrylic paintings. The landscape one is unfinished as yet. The painting on the right draws reference from a Michelangelo slave sculpture.

Acrylic paint is not my favourite media to work in since it dries so fast and this limits my blending and re-working. This has required me to adjust my technique. However one of the benefits of using acrylic paint is that because it demands a speedier style of working, it encourages me to loosen up my brushstrokes. Also, unlike oil paint, acrylic paint is liberatingly cheap. I tend to use acrylic when I want to paint quick coloured studies without having to dig out the turpentine and all the shebang that comes with oil painting. The down side of using acrylic paint is that I grow reckless in the amount of canvas/paper space I want to cover in a short time, and the quality of my painting tends to fall unless I take pains to monitor it.

Ona another note, I just discovered one of my new favourite art critics today – David Lee of ‘The Jackdaw’ British arts magazine. One of his essays in particular made an impression on me. I’ll probably write a more detailed post about what and why later this month. For now, I will just quote: “at no time since the birth of classical civilisations was a rigorous technical art training ever an impediment to individualism and experiment.” I always found the emphasis on experimentation in schools too early introduced. But perhaps this is just me being too attached to my ‘comfort zone’?

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