Pencil drawing: model with curled hair and ring

Pencil on A4 paper

I didn’t think much of this piece when I completed it back in June because it was started and finished in two days, but now I rank it as one of my favourite drawings so far. The model’s expression is so beautifully subtle. It appears a simple composition, but there are areas of exquisite detail in the eyes, the ring on her hand, the fingers brushing her neck, the slightly chapped lips, the gentle gradient of her cheekbones as she sucks her cheeks in, the coiffed ringlets, and the bleached brows which I worked on with so so light a hand!

I think to a very casual observer (especially one not used to drawing), this piece looks ‘easy’ and straightforward. But I think it is the finely-tuned details and the light, light pencilwork that this portrait demanded, which has made it one of my favourites.

2 thoughts on “Pencil drawing: model with curled hair and ring”

  1. Immediately upon viewing this, I thought to myself “what a wonderful sketch”. To me, this sketch is an excellent example of “just enough”. This is something that I strive for in my own work, but, seldom achieve. It is the balance when a sketch has just enough linework, shading, tone, etc. to convey the mage clearly and artistically to the viewer. It is a fine execution of less is more. Wonderful work!

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    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your lovely, insightful comment. While I can achieve “just enough” in my drawings, I struggle with achieving it in my paintings, but I’m working on it! I really appreciate your encouragement 🙂

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