Sketchbook: composition drafts from 2016

Page 1
Page 2

These are from my A level art days – my ‘final piece’ composition drafts. I have been feeling distracted these days, hence why I haven’t posted any recent work, just old pieces in a media I feel solid in.

The name of my theme was ‘A study in ambiguity and the abstract’. I made up the theme myself. I drew on my studies in literature (particularly modernist era) and psychology to furnish my exploration and give it intellectual depth. I looked at artists like John Cage, Paul Klee and Ellsworth Kelly. I also featured the famous inkblot Rorschach test. I looked at ink and ink ‘escapism’. I pocketed ink in cellophane document wallets, I trapped it in plastic tape ‘envelopes’ and documented its slow, staggered escape from the plastic (most of it leaked through my sketchbook, see inkblots in the photo). I had a lot of fun. My frivolous investigation took me down so many avenues that I struggled staying faithful to my original theme. I will post my completed pen and ink ‘final piece’ in a separate post and write a separate explanation on it.

Looking back, I think I over-intellectualised my art (an easy trap to fall into, and one I think a lot of contemporary artists fall into also). Now I strive for other, less wrought and posturing qualities in my art. I want my art to draw its richness from sensitivity of hand, thoroughness of discipline, and an un-cramped, humane imagination. So far, these fine-liner sketches shown above are the only fully original compositions on this blog, and I am all too aware of it. We’ll see where my art takes me and what my little ‘copy sketches’ and hesitant brushstrokes become :-]

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