Pencil drawings: a progress piece and rolled fabric

Pencil on A4 paper
Pencil on A2 paper

I’ve been drowning in career research and job applications recently so I’m not challenging myself in my art (read: I’m not painting). Here are two pencil pieces: the first is a copy study of Michelangelo’s Lybian Sibyl from the Sistine Chapel. I usually invest a long time doing the outline and trying to nail the proportions, but the toning and shading is smooth sailing :). I’ll probably finish this piece in the next few days if I stick to it, and you’ll see the finished product here within the week, in higher definition than here shown. The second drawing is a 1-hour sketch of a rolled duvet. I enjoy drawing drapery – my pencil style really lends itself to the angular folds of the fabric.

Reflection: I used to think fine-liner was my favourite medium, but now I think it’s pencil. I don’t like how a fine-liner gives a very uniform line and doesn’t respond to the pressure of the hand in the way that a pencil or even a biro does (biro is a nice sweet-spot between pencil and fine-liner because the line has a lovely inky swell when you push into the page).

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