9 thoughts on “Acrylic painting: two chickens”

  1. Hi Bridget!
    As somebody who’s followed you since your blog began, I was a bit surprised today.
    Because I’ve not been seeing ANY of your posts in my Reader (after Dec 26th).
    (Had just assumed you were taking a break.)
    I really like your work, so hope you don’t mind if I re-follow?🌞

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    1. Hi Ken!
      No worries at all, lovely to hear from you! You’re my most loyal follower 🙂 That reminds me, since I don’t check my Reader very often, it’s time I go check up on your fascinating blog too! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for dropping by, Bridget! 😊

        (I asked about re-following just in case you removed from the list yourself.)

        You see, for a while I’ve been thinking of asking WordPress why they randomly delete people from my followers list:
        several have told me they didn’t know it had happened.
        Now I find they also removed me from YOUR list without my permission.

        Unless one makes a hard copy of the list it’s easy to fail to notice someone has gone missing.
        It’s one of those unpleasant things the computer does for no apparent reason, like a gremlin.😧
        ( I wonder how many people whose posts I’m not seeing any more, are as a result of this…?🤔
        And they may think I unfollowed them, when I actually didn’t.)

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      2. You know Ken, your comment has prompted me to double-check who I follow on WordPress, and you’re not on my list! Looks like WP is glitchy on both ends, I will correct that asap 🙂

        You’re exactly right, sometimes software has the odd gremlin, a trade-off for all the benefits I suppose!
        Regardless, hope you have a fantastic, gremlin-free day and I’m excited to see further poetry and art from you in my reader 😀

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