Biro doodles: olive tree and young girl

Sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently! I was called into office for a week and a bit and suddenly discovered I had no free time. Since then, I caught COVID and am now self isolating. Otherwise I am doing great; I am happy, occupied and cheerful. I feel perfectly normal except I cannot taste or smell a thing.

It’ll take me a while longer to get back into painting but I’ll get there! Everyone is preparing slowlyyy to open up here in London. I miss being perpetually dissatisfied and seeking improvement in my art. I’ve definitely gone downhill in skill since say 5 years ago. A quote that I read today that stuck with me is “the reason talented people become underachievers is that they are too satisfied with themselves”. After I graduated from university, things kinda fell off and my art was one of them. I’m slowly making a comeback, like a dehydrated plant being gradually brought to life.

I have since been making a conscious effort to expose myself to master illustrators and their works, so I can feel better the inadequacy of my own talent. I am sowing seeds of dissatisfaction in myself which will give fruit to improvement!

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