Sketchbook: ink and tape experiment

This is actually an outtake from my A level, final year project sketchbook. I am still working my way back towards the creativity and freedom of expression I had those years ago. This topic was about abstraction and negative space. I explored ink and its journey through a page and the marks it made on the back of a sheet of paper. I made tunnels of plastic tape, wire and tissue paper to dramatize the journey of ink across, down, onto, or through a page.

The range and ambition of my ideas always used to get remarked on in my art class. I don’t think I was any better at coming up with ideas than my classmates, I just think the difference between me and them was I was not scared of having ‘bad’ ideas and they often were. To me, no idea was a ‘bad’ idea. This liberated me: I found and I still find a huge, exciting, completely boundless playground in art <3.

But because I haven’t practiced it as much as I should have in the last 4 years, I am a little rusty and some corners of my playground have been overgrown and I have forgotten how to use some of the equipment – or at least my muscle memory has faded… This is why I still dally about with merely representational, un-ambitious pieces. I am slightly frustrated with myself, because I know I should have more urgency than I do in becoming better at my craft. I keep telling myself excuses about why I won’t experiment, but I can’t hide forever.

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