Pen drawings: catfish, sweet-peas, architecture

Recently started an ‘image library’ habit. Every evening I draw or paint something in a slightly experimental style. It can be experimental in any way; concept, perspective, idea, shape, medium, colour, method, subject… I keep my definition of ‘experimental’ pretty broad. The purpose of this exercise is to open my mind to creative options and to force it to keep finding ways to make drawing ‘new’.

On the left is a pen drawing of a catfish and some sweet-peas in red pen and colouring-pencil. I also included a blind drawing of an angler fish. I enjoy the way the red pen drawing on the other side of the page bleeds through. Possible foundation for a future experiment..

The one on the right is a drawing of Gordon Matta-Clark’s ‘Office Baroque, Antwerp’. It is a birds-eye view of a house with a hole cut through it. I enjoy drawing the sculptural/architectural work of other artists. I loved the shapes in this piece and the way they harmonise and interlock. It almost feels like I’m looking through a keyhole and catching a glimpse of its workings. I love this idea – another possible springboard for a future experiment.

I have only done this exercise for days so far and already it is opening my mind 🙂

Incidentally – I love to draw on cheap, thin printer-paper it helps me loosen up 😀

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