Pencil drawing: tree in park

Done using a very sharp HB pencil. This took one hour, sitting on a bench in my local park. I’ve been trying to shake up my cross-hatching style and veer away from criss-cross (or at least use it sparingly) and lean in to bent shading lines. In the past I’ve used the criss-cross too much, and homogenised the texture of the subject I was drawing, if that makes sense…

I tried very hard to convey the dappled sunlight on the trunk, and the way some of the branches bent towards the eye, and some twisted away from the eye. Overall really pleased with this piece. The knots and gnarls and lichens on the bark add so much character and visual interest. Looking back on this (I drew it yesterday), I can tell a lot of thought and care was put into observing the tree’s contours and the play on sunlight on the scene. It is the product of careful, considerate observation.

I haven’t done a piece I’m this proud of in a long time 🙂 I feel I’d got into a rut with my pen/pen drawing and had become heavy handed and insensitive to my subject matter. But this piece – I poured attention into it, and didn’t fall into auto-pilot clumsy cross-hatching at any point. This is why I am very happy with the final result.

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