Some brief thoughts on my art approach

I had a realisation today, as I was watching a Chinese woman on YouTube exhibit her personally curated art collection. She kept up a wonderful commentary on her favourite pieces, and through her loving narration their colours and character were enriched.

I realised that although I have always loved art for being non-linguistic, I rarely trouble myself with the visceral ‘effect’ of my artwork. I am instead overly concerned with either technique, verisimilitude, or concept. A scroll down my blog’s gallery gives evidence to this: there are paintings and drawings in generic, illustrative styles. Even in my art hey-days, my final projects always ended up over-intellectualised, and still in the same generic, picture-book art style.

Of course it is not a crime to have a generic art style, but my own standards for my work forbid me remain content with this. I consider this a ‘blockage’ in my art process. They say the first step towards self-improvement is realisation of the faults/errors that one didn’t know of before. So from henceforth I will direct intentional effort towards studying the visceral ‘effect’ of my art.

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